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The Rancilio Rocky is our runner-up choice for the best burr coffee grinder for French press. It is a little more expensive than the Baratza Virtuoso, but it does offer up some nice features that the Virtuoso does not. The Rocky contains 50mm conical steel burrs. The grinder adjustment is simple and easy to use.

It can grind your beans into a fine powder for Turkish coffee or espresso and even course enough for French press. With a Rocky the most particular barista will be able to fine

The more traditional story is to use a regular grind (that's where the 30 to 40 setting comes in), and a five minute steep. The Sweet Marias procedure will give you a slightly hotter coffee with more sediment, the traditional procedure yields a slightly cooler brew with less sediment.

The 5 Best Manual Grinders for French Press Coffee (Coarse

Of course, you could invest hundreds of dollars on a top of the line Rancilio Rocky, but lets face it, most of us dont have that kind of money to spend on our daily coffee addiction. The next best thing is to get the best and most affordable manual grinder for French press coffee you can find.

Rancilio Rocky Review | The Best Coffee Grinder of 2018

Although the Rancilio Rocky SD is a consumer grinder, it uses the same burrs as entry-level commercial grinders. This provides you with long-lasting, consistent function. At 50 mm, the burrs also have a larger grinding surface than many affordable consumer grinders. You can grind more in

rancilio rocky for french press

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Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder

Rancilio Rocky Coffee Grinder | Seattle Coffee Gear

Featuring 50mm burr grinding plates crafted of the finest tempered steel, the Rocky is designed to deliver 55 different types of quality grounds at the press of a button, all without imparting additional heat during the process. As for its functionality, it comes in a doser or doserless variety.

Brand: RancilioAvailability: In stockPrice: $388

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