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Lido 3 vs 2. Same consistency? (french press) I think it may be time to upgrade to a Lido 2 or 3. Does the Lido 3 grind just as consistently as the 2? Particularly in the coarse range? Also, are these sites the actual legit ones to buy those in the US, since Amazon doesn't have any? (These are the most legit looking, but still have like 0 WOT

Top responsesYes, the 2 and the 3 are the same grindwise No surprise, the skerton is terrible at the coarser range and the metal filter on the FP does it no favors. If you read more5 votesCan anyone in this tread recommend a good universal course setting on the Lido 3 for FP (I'm assuming it will vary for dialing in different bean/roasts)? I'm more or read more2 votesSee all

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OverviewReviewsThe LIDO 3 is the newest iteration, made of more lightweight materials and equipped with a carrying case and accessories so it's ready to hit the road when you do. The 48mm Swiss

Best LIDO 3 Recipes for French Press

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Jan 25, 2019· Best Manual Grinder for French Press: Lido 3 Manual Hand Grinder Although this grinder is perfect for lightweight travel needs and kitchen areas with smaller storage space, the Lido 3 Hand Grinder is the ideal grinder for any coffee lover.

Author: Samantha Boesch

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I have a french press, aeropress, & a gaggia classic. I'm not too concerned about how travel friendly it is, just want to compare the performance and flexibility of the types of grinds they can get. Considering that both are the same price, do the differences that the Lido E has over the Lido 3 justify giving up the travel friendly capability?

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Product description. The Lido 3 Coffee Grinder is the latest model of Orphan Espresso's famed manual coffee grinder lineup. The Lido 3 improves upon the Lido 2 with sharper steel burrs, lighter materials, and included tools for cleaning and maintenance. The swivel-out crank handle with rubberized grip, along with the neoprene carrying case allows you to compact the grinder and its tools into a convenient travel

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Best LIDO 3 Recipes for French Press

Best LIDO 3 Recipes for French Press 1. Water

I've happily used my L2 when travelling. Had to get the lighter L3 when it came out. I'm having trouble finding the right setting for french press. I started where the L2 was (1 full plus eight), but the cup was all wrong. I slowly wound it back, and am now at 1 full. Still not perfect. What are you all using as a

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The Lido 3 (best manual coffee grinder for french press) improves the Lido 2 with a lighter and more portable plastic jar. The device also has a foldable handle, matching tote bag, and a rubber bean stopper which is ideal for transporting beans for on-the-go brewing.

Orphan Espresso Lido 3 Hand Grinder Review: Staff Pick

May 09, 2019· Lido 3 Grind Settings The miraculous part of the Lido 3 hand grinder is the range of grind you can achieve, and the ease in which this can happen. The grinder is known to range from an espresso grind to a coarse french press grind. You'll notice two rings in the middle of your Lido 3 grinder.

4.9/5(21)Author: Samantha Boesch

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Lido 3 Grinder stand out from the rest of the OE Manual Hand Coffee Grinders because its very consistent grinding and portable design. Lido 3 is made to be large capacity portable hand coffee grinder for French Press, Drip and Espresso.

4.9/5(19)Brand: Orphan Espresso

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