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Jul 24, 2019· Birthmarks can come in many different colors, from tan or brown to red or blue. Most birthmarks are harmless, and some will shrink or completely fade as your baby gets older. Rarely, birthmarks can be an indication of an underlying health issue. Named after the French term for coffee with milk, these light tan or brown oval spots are


Cafe au lait spot: A flat spot on the skin that is the color of coffee with milk (café au lait) in persons with light skin, or a darker appearance (café noir) than the surrounding skin in persons with dark skin. About 10% of the general population have cafe au lait spots. Café au lait spots are in themselves harmless, but in some cases they may be a sign of neurofibromatosis.

5 Common Newborn Birthmarks You Need to Know

Café au lait spot. This a flat and pigmented birthmark which gets is name from the light brown color Mongolian spots. Is your baby having bluelookfordiagnosis.comImage: lookfordiagnosis.comCafé au lait spots, or café au lait macules, are flat, pigmented birthmarks. The name café au lait is French for "coffee with milk" and refers to their light

Neurofibromatosis type 1

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Café au lait is a popular drink in New Orleans, available at coffee shops like Café du Monde and Morning Call Coffee Stand, where it is made with milk and coffee mixed with chicory, giving it a strong, bitter taste.Unlike the European café style, a New Orleans-style café au lait is made with scalded milk (milk warmed over heat to just below boiling), rather than with steamed milk.

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Watch video on YouTube5:46Why do we have Birthmarks? | #aumsum #kids #science #educatio498K views11 months agoYouTubeIt's AumSum TimeWatch video on YouTube4:36Ask Kate! All about café au lait spots in neurofibromatosis type 13.2K viewsOct 30, 2018YouTubechildrenstumorWatch video on YouTube1:59Café au lait Pigmentation/Spot Mnemonics2K views5 months agoYouTubeMedinazWatch video on YouTube2:4030 Most Amazing Latte Art26K viewsMay 4, 2016YouTubeToocoWatch video on YouTube5:27The Moffett Family: Children's Tumor Foundation 2016 Honorees5.9K viewsOct 30, 2015YouTubechildrenstumorSee more videos of coffee with milk birthmark

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These marks are the color of coffee with milk and can appear anywhere on the body. Your child may have one or more café-au-lait spots. These birthmarks are generally not a problem. If several café-au-lait spots are larger than 0.5 centimeters in younger children or 1.5 centimeters in older children, a doctor should evaluate them


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